The Boo.

Because you are currently taking up my time,energy, thoughts & feelings. You are The Boo,


I’m here, what have I missed ?

I been knew about Jay joining to mindless team.

I don’t even know how I know that. I’ve been following him for weeks on instagram.

And maybe y'all won't feel the same way I feel....


But honestly, my undergraduate years were basically like high school, with added freedom.

I started my first 2 years of college at home and THEN my last 2 years were at the University of Georgia (and hour and a half form home). I was nervous at first. I didn’t talk to anyone for 2 weeks. Then I…


I’m scared about growing up. Things won’t be the same. 

My High School years have been one of the best & worst years of my life. It molded to the strong person I am. But knowing ill leave that all behind and go into this unknown world that I haven’t experienced. 

It’s like going into a room not knowing whats in there. You’re scared because after you step in there a lot is going to happen. 

I’m graduating in like 2 months.

I’m so scared and nervous. 

It’s scary to know that your life won’t be the same  like it is now